Quick Answer: How Many ATM Are In India?

Quick Answer: How Many ATM Are In India?

As of April 2017, the NFS Network connects total of 2,36,190 ATMs in India.

Among them 2,16,952 ATMs of 99 Direct Member banks, 4,058 ATMs of 692 Sub Member banks, 1,034 ATMs of 56 RRB Member banks and 14,146 ATMs of 8 White Label ATM providers, which is the largest number of ATMs under a single network in India.

Is ATM going to shut down?

Banks have already been going slow on ATM expansion for the past few years, even closing down operations in certain localities. The number of ATMs in India fell from 208,000 last year to 205,000 in August 2018, according to RBI data. The ATM industry and its allied services employ over 500,000 people, Srinivas said.

How many branches SBI in India?

85,356 branches

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