Quick Answer: How Much Money Does It Take To Start A Bank?

Generally banks need about $12 to 20 million in capital to get started.11 Nov 2010

How much money does it take to start a bank account?

You’ll also need to fund your account. Ask your bank what the minimum is to open the account. At many credit unions, it’s $5–$25. At online banks, there’s often no minimum initial deposit.

How can I start my own bank?


  • Determine a need. Why are you opening a bank?
  • Appoint a board of directors. Typically, this is five to thirteen people.
  • Make sure you have the starting capital.
  • Create a business summary plan.
  • Hire a legal team.
  • Establish a risk management infrastructure.
  • Hire a public face.
  • Apply for all charters.

How much money do you need to start a credit union?

About $5 to $25, which is generally the cost of purchasing one par value share at a credit union in order to establish a membership account. Some credit unions may also charge a nominal fee to process the account opening.29 Aug 2018

How does a bank make money?

It all ties back to the fundamental way banks make money: Banks use depositors’ money to make loans. The amount of interest the banks collect on the loans is greater than the amount of interest they pay to customers with savings accounts—and the difference is the banks’ profit.