Question: Is Vanquis A Good Credit Card?

The Vanquis Classic Credit Card is a higher APR card without some of the features of other cards here.

However, for those who qualify, this card can still be a great way to rebuild your credit score and use as a stepping stone to better cards in the future.

Is vanquis credit card any good?

Vanquis Credit Card is perfect for those building credit scores; it’s app is modern and easy to navigate; full visibility on your balance and payments and highly secured.

What can I use my vanquis card for?

Yes – You can use your Vanquis Visa credit card to make purchases in shops and restaurants and withdraw cash from cash machines and bank counters everywhere you see the Visa sign. Charges apply when you use your Visa credit card abroad. Please click here to find out more.

What is the interest rate on a vanquis credit card?

Rates from 39.9% APR variable to 69.9% APR variable depending on individual circumstances.

What is the maximum limit on vanquis card?

The maximum limit offered by Vanquis is £4,000 but you will only be considered for a higher credit limit if you have proved that you can manage your account responsibly.