Which Bank Is Best For Car Loan?

Best Auto Loan Lenders

  • Best Overall Online Lender: LightStream.
  • Best Overall Big Bank: Bank of America or Capital One.
  • Best for an Entirely Online Experience: Carvana.
  • Best for Shopping for Multiple Loan Offers: MyAutoLoan.com.

Is it better to finance a car through a bank or dealership?

Financing Through the Dealer

Dealer-arranged financing works the same way as bank financing—the only difference is that the dealer is doing the work on your behalf. In general, you can usually get lower interest rates on a new car through a dealer than on a used car.

What is a good rate for a car loan?

The average loan interest rate on a 60-month new car loan is 4.36%. However, borrowers with excellent credit pay a lower rate of around 3.724%. If you have a score lower than 720, you’ll pay an average of 5.098%. The lower credit score can cost you $18 per month and $1,100 in total interest.

How do car loans work through a bank?

An auto loan works much the same way as other types of loans. You take out a car loan through an institution, like a bank or the auto dealer where you’re getting the car. That institution agrees to loan you money to buy the car, and you agree to pay back the amount you borrowed through monthly payments, plus interest.

Which bank has the lowest car loan interest rate?

Car Loan Interest Rate Comparison for All Banks, Lowest EMI, Best Rates in India

BankCar Loan Interest RatesLowest EMI per lakh for Max Tenure
Axis Bank9.25% Fixed₹ 1,478 for 8 years
IndusInd Bank10.65% Fixed₹ 2,157 for 5 years
Kotak Bank11.50% Fixed₹ 2,199 for 5 years
PNB8.75% Floating₹ 1,596 for 7 years

15 more rows