Which Is The Best Bank For Fixed Deposit?

The top bank for 1 year FD is Bajaj Finserv as it offers highest interest rate of 7.60% on regular term deposits.

For 5 year FD, Bajaj Finserv should be your top choice as it’s rate of interest is maximum at 8.10%.

Which bank is giving highest interest rate on fixed deposit?

The interest rate offered on the FD will depend on the period for which you are investing in the FD and also vary from bank to bank for FDs for the same tenure.

Bank NameInterest rate (%) compounded qtrlyWhat Rs 10,000 will grow into
IDFC First Bank8.0010824
RBL Bank7.6010782
Indusind Bank7.5010771

2 more rows

Which bank is safe for fixed deposit?

Bank FD gives you are return of around 7-8% depending on the tenure and the bank. The interest rate is fixed and since there is an insurance cover on FD of ₹1 lakh per person per bank, it can be considered as one of the safest investment options available. But safety also means lower returns.

Which bank is best for fixed deposit for 5 years?

Given below is an updated table of top banks in India that offer 5-year FDs:

Best FD rates for 5 year 2019
BankRegular FD Interest Rates (per annum)Senior Citizen FD Interest Rates (per annum)
HDFC Bank6.75%7.25%
IDFC Bank7.75%8.25%
IndusInd Bank7.50%8%

5 more rows